Air Filters

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Signs Your Air Filter Needs Changing

According to our automobile technician experts at Mustang Elite Car Wash & Lube Center, multiple signs may indicate your vehicle's air filters require replacement. Here are the most common signs:

Ignition Issues

Your vehicle's entire emissions control component becomes impacted when air can't properly be filtered towards your engine and may cause you to struggle to start your car. A dirty filter can also clog the spark plugs, which inhibits them from sparking the right way.

Sharp Decreases in Gas Mileage

When your air filter is failing, one of the more common indicators is a decrease in gas mileage. Your engine needs proper airflow to work well, and it's harder to get clean air in when the filter itself is dirty. While decreases in mileage aren't very noticeable at first, more frequent trips to the gas stations will probably sound the alarm.

Scents of Gas When Igniting The Car 

When you're starting your vehicle, some of the extra petrol your engine needs to provide its typical power level won't be burnt up. You'll smell gasoline coming from your car's tailpipe when this happens.

Nonetheless, drivers should not be receiving whiffs of gas whenever they're starting their automobiles. If this happens, it's probably a wise idea to place your car in the hands of our experts at Mustang Elite Lube Center. We'll do the magic of replacing your air filter and prevent this from happening again in the future.

Check Engine Light

While the engine light flickering can mean a multitude of problems with your engine, a lack of oxygen caused by dirty filters can also be an indicator of why the light is turned on. Regardless, you should always get your car checked in the case of a flickering engine light, no matter what the issue may be with your engine.

  • Black Smoke Released from Tailpipe

    When you start your automobile, the extra fuel that escapes the exhaust might temporarily burn or cause black smoke to flow out of the tailpipe, in addition to the odor of gasoline. This is very abnormal and should never happen in a vehicle that is in good working condition. If dirty air filters are to blame, there's no reason why one of our trained technicians wouldn't be able to handle it for you.

  • Dirty Looks

    This is likely the most obvious sign that it's time to change your car's air filter. Off-white in hue, a clean filter will not have any dirt or debris lodged in its folds. On the other hand, a contaminated air filter will be brown or gray in color, and dirt will probably be seen stuck between the layers of cloth. The oxygen supply to the engine is being impeded by this dirt.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What does an air filter do for a car?

A vehicle's engine air filter protects your engine against damage caused by dirt, dust, sand, and other pollutants. If it clogs up, your vehicle's performance may suffer.


Cabin Air Filters filter the air in the passenger cabin area of your vehicle. Over time, cabin air filters can get clogged with dirt and debris, leading to contaminated air in the cabin. Most vehicles manufactured after the year 2006 have cabin air filters.

Our cabin air filter service replaces your cabin air filter – helping to keep your air clean and protect your heating and air conditioning systems from dirt and debris. Please remember to consult your owner’s manual for any specific manufacturer recommendations.

Many vehicle manufacturers recommend this service to maintain vehicle performance. Please consult your owner’s manual for specific manufacturer recommendations.

  • Are car air filters worth it?

    In terms of saving money and improving its overall performance, clean filters are instrumental for your car. Clean and properly installed air filters improve acceleration, fuel efficiency, and engine life while lowering pollutants.

  • What happens if you don't change air filter in car?

    The engine won't be able to pull in enough air to the combustion chamber when the air filter is too filthy and becomes plugged. When this occurs, the engine will utilize less air and more gas, lowering its performance and decreasing its fuel economy.