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Synthetic Vs. Regular ATF

As with engine oil, automatic transmission fluid comes in two varieties: synthetic and regular. The latter is also called conventional or traditional ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid).

  • Traditional ATF is made from crude oil, which is unrefined petroleum. Synthetic ATF is manufactured through a process involving multiple chemical reactions.

  • Both conventional and synthetic ATF will do their job lubricating your car's transmission. Conventional fluid tends to be less expensive. However, synthetic has a few advantages over regular automatic transmission fluid that make it worth the investment for many vehicle owners.

  • For one thing, synthetic ATF takes longer to break down, meaning your car will be able to go longer in between fluid changes. You should still adhere to the mileage interval specified by your owner's manual.

  • Another advantage of synthetic fluids is that they tend to perform better in low temperatures. Regular ATF has a higher viscosity and usually thickens when temperatures drop, leading to a clunkier, less efficient transmission. Synthetic fluids are better at thermoregulation, meaning they outperform conventional fluids in winter conditions.

Of course, you should always verify the type of ATF your vehicle needs by checking your owner's manual. You can also consult with a specialist at Mustang Elite for guidance.

Benefits Of A Professional Automatic transmission Fluid Change

You may be wondering, “Can I change my automatic transmission fluid myself?" For those of us looking to save a buck or two, it's tempting to DIY as many projects as possible. However, maintaining a car requires a great deal of specialized attention and know-how. You rely on your vehicle for transportation, so it's vital that all maintenance work is done correctly.

When you book your automatic transmission fluid change with Mustang Elite Car Wash & Lube Center, you know you're getting the best automatic transmission fluid change for your specific make and model from a top manufacturer. You can rest easy knowing your car will run smoothly until it's time to change the fluid again.

As a bonus, your technician will be more likely to notice anything unusual or troubling about your car while working on the fluid change. You'll be more likely to catch potential problems before they develop into real issues when you have a professional handling your maintenance needs.

To extend the life and improve the performance of your transmission, it’s important to have its automatic transmission fluid (ATF) replaced completely according to your manufacturer’s recommended schedule. That’s because heat and mileage cause the vital additives in ATF to become oxidized, depleted, and inert. Worn-out transmission fluid can result in rough shifting, accelerated wear, and even transmission failure.

  • Help keep your vehicle shifting smoothly by reducing wear on transmission gears and parts

  • Minimizes the risk of transmission failure and expensive repairs

  • Provide additional protection by using advanced detergents that work to remove deposits

  • Provide advanced conditioners to rejuvenate seals

It only takes about 10-15 minutes for us to:

  • Completely drain the transmission and torque converter
  • Refill with new Valvoline® automatic transmission fluid


Many vehicle manufacturers recommend fluid replacement at regular intervals to maintain vehicle performance. Please consult your owner’s manual for specific manufacturer recommendations.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. Different types of transmission fluids are formulated for different types of transmissions, and using the wrong one could have serious consequences for your vehicle.

The following could signify it's time to change your automatic transmission fluid:


The cost for an ATF change varies depending on the size of your vehicle. Contact us for more information about services for your car's specific make and model.

Keeping up with your manufacturer's recommended mileage intervals for ATF changes ensures your engine runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Your car will require less fuel as a result.

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