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Are you due for your Texas State Inspection? As the best State Inspection in Grapevine, TX Mustang Elite’s Texas State Inspection services are here to ensure your vehicle meets all necessary regulations, keeping you safe and legal on Texas roads. From thorough inspections to meticulous documentation, our experienced team is dedicated to providing you with a seamless and hassle-free inspection process. Trust us to get you road-ready in no time. Call Us Now to request service availability for your Texas State Inspection!

What do we check?

Vehicle Inspection Requirements

We follow the guidelines of the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Vehicle Equipment List to inspect your vehicle thoroughly. Our trained technicians check every part of your vehicle from the inside out to make sure they meet safety standards. By following these guidelines, we ensure your vehicle is safe and legal to drive on the road. Trust us for a complete and dependable inspection to keep you safe on the road.

  1. Check steering Lash
  2. Check Service Brakes
    1. Pedal reserve
    2. Performance
  3. Parking Brake
  1. High Beam Indicator 1948
  2. Horn
  3. Mirrors
  4. Seat Belts
  5. Turn Signals
  6. Wiper Controls
  1. Window Tint- left side
  2. Gas Cap(s)- left side
  3. Tires- left rear
  4. Mud Flaps (If required)
  5. Wheels- left rear
  6. Tail Lights- left side
  7. Brake Lights- left side
  8. Turn Signals- left side
  9. Rear Red Reflector- left side
  10. License Plate
  11. License Plate Light
  12. Tail Lights- right side
  13. Brake Lights- right side
  14. Turn Signals- right side
  15. Rear Red Reflector right side
  16. Gas Cap(s) – right side
  17. Tires- right rear
  18. Mud Flaps (If required)
  19. Wheels- right rear
  20. Window Tint- right side
  21. Wiper- right side
  22. Tire – right front
  23. Wheel – right front
  24. Headlight- right side
  25. Turn Signal- right side
  26. Headlight- left side
  27. Turn Signal- left side
  28. Tire – left front
  29. Wheel – left front
  30. Wiper- left side
  31. Windshield Tint (AS-1)
  1. Catalytic Convertor
  2. Exhaust System
  3. Parking Brake Cable
  4. Brake fluid leaks
  1. Air Injection System- belt
  2. Evaporative Emissions System
  3. Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve
  4. Positive Crankcase Ventilation
  5. Thermostatic Air Cleaner
  6. Exhaust Manifold(s)
  7. Horn
  8. Master Cylinder
  9. Power Steering System

Road Safety & Compliance

Why Do I need a Texas State Inspection?

A Texas State Inspection is essential for ensuring the safety and compliance of your vehicle on the road. It’s a legal requirement in Texas to undergo this inspection annually to verify that your vehicle meets the state’s safety and emissions standards. In fact, your vehicle can’t be registered without an annual Inspection. By getting your vehicle inspected, you contribute to maintaining road safety for yourself and others. Additionally, passing the inspection ensures that your vehicle complies with environmental regulations, reducing harmful emissions for a cleaner environment. Ultimately, a Texas State Inspection provides peace of mind, knowing that your vehicle is safe, legal, and environmentally responsible.

Visit us at our Grapevine, TX location, and let us to manage all your Texas state inspection needs. With our experience and dedication to excellence, you can rely on us to keep you safe and compliant on the road.

Motorcycle & Trailer State Inspection in Grapevine, TX

At Mustang Elite, we specialize in motorcycle & trailer inspections in Grapevine, TX with the same level of expertise and dedication as our Texas State Inspections.

Our team understands the unique requirements and safety considerations for motorcycles and trailers, and we are committed to providing thorough and reliable inspections to ensure your vehicles meet all necessary standards. With our attention to detail and commitment to excellence, you can trust us to assess your motorcycle or trailer with precision, providing you with the assurance you need to enjoy your outdoor adventures safely and confidently.

For motorcycles, it includes any motorbike having a motor with a maximum 125cc engine piston displacement.

Boat Trailers
Jetski Trailers
Car Trailers
Semi-trailers with a gross or registered weight exceeding 7500 pounds


Emissions inspections are a requirement in Texas for vehicles that are 1996 or newer. These inspections focus solely on assessing a vehicle’s emissions output, ensuring your vehicle meets state and federal emissions standards. Emissions inspections are not a requirement for diesel-powered automobiles and motorcycles, but they must still pass the annual safety inspection.

Our Lube Center is an emissions inspection authorized station, which means that our station is certified by the Texas Department of Transportation.

On-Board Diagnostics INSPECTIONS (OBD)

The OBD test will examine the vehicle emission control system for any problems. Our technicians plug a device into the vehicle’s OBD port, usually under the dashboard. The machine will then read any diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) stored on the vehicle’s computer.

You’ll receive a passing inspection certificate if your vehicle passes the OBD test. You’ll need to get the necessary repairs done and have the vehicle retested if it doesn’t. In some cases, you may be able to get an extension on the inspection deadline, giving you additional time to address any issues before the vehicle needs to be re-inspected. This extension varies by state and circumstance, so it’s important to check with your local vehicle inspection authority to understand your options.

Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

Please Contact Us If You Cannot Find An Answer To Your Question.

If your vehicle fails its emissions inspection, you can request a re-inspection at no cost within 30 days of the original inspection date. If your automobile still fails its re-inspection, you must have repairs made before retrying the inspection.

If a vehicle fails, it may be eligible for an individual vehicle waiver if it passes other inspections and only if the motorist demonstrates they have taken measures to comply with the requirements.

Failing an emissions inspection will not affect your insurance rates but is a requirement for new registrations.

If you refuse to get them inspected, your registration will be denied or revoked.

To have your vehicle inspected in Texas, you must provide the following items:

  • Proof of Insurance
  • Payment

With these items, our certified inspectors can adequately assess your vehicle and ensure it meets all safety and emissions requirements.

One of the most common reasons people fail their safety and emissions inspection is because of damaged windshield wipers. If your wipers are not in good condition, it can make it difficult to clean your windshield to see while driving, which can be dangerous.  

Other common reasons for failing an inspection include:

  • Service engine lights
  • Damaged or burned-out lights
  • Issues with the parking brake
  • Worn tires are also a safety hazard and can cause you to fail your inspection.
  • Window tint is too dark

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