Will a cracked or chipped windshield be safe?

We do not assume any responsibility for windshields with chips or cracks. Chips and cracks may expand from temperature changes that occur during a car wash. Windshield chips are defined by “ROLAGS” as compromised glass and therefore a preexisting condition that are customers’ responsibility.

My electric seat stopped working.

We do not accept responsibility or liability for seat motors or buttons that cease to work during the car wash or quick lube process. These items generally fail due to age or prior wear and tear.

My electric mirror stopped working.

Close all mirrors before relinquishing your vehicle for service. We do not accept liability for automatic mirrors that do not work.

I have manual closing mirrors.

Close all mirrors before relinquishing your vehicle for service. We do not assume responsibility for closing mirrors or for damage to mirrors that customers leave in the open position.

I forgot to close my windows or sunroof.

We make every effort to remind customers to close windows and sunroofs but it’s customers’ responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is watertight before the car wash process begins.

My non-factory installed option came off in the car wash.

The car wash is designed to wash factory made vehicles. We do not accept responsibility for non-factory installed items nor items installed with double sided 3M tape.

Do you wash classics, muscle cars, and show cars?

We accept most cars, vans, and trucks. We do not recommend sending precious vehicles through the wash. The car wash is safe, but it is mechanical. Discuss optional washing for special or precious vehicles with a manager before relinquishing to the wash process.

Do you have height limitations?

Yes, we wash vehicles up to 84 inches (7 feet) with a minimum 4 inches ground clearance. Headache racks and spoilers are accepted on a case by case basis. Please consult a manger before the wash process.

Can you wash a Tesla?

We wash Teslas and other vehicles that require a driver through the car wash. Please discuss with a manager.

Will the wash remove tree sap and road tar?

Our tunnel will remove most sap or tar deposits without additional treatment. Our staff will spot treat within reason if asked prior to the wash.

Will my antenna be okay?

Fixed factory antennas should be fine through our wash process. Power antennas with a hollow core will break if not retracted. Retractable antennas are a customer responsibility. Please retract before relinquishing your car to the wash process.

Is the wash safe for newly painted vehicles?

Generally, yes. We use cloth and mild soap in our process. Consult your body shop for appropriate cure times related to your paint. We are not responsible for cars that have not been allowed adequate time to cure.

Is the wash safe for a convertible?

Yes. It is a customer responsibility to properly close and latch the roof and to make sure it is watertight.

My clear coat finish is beginning to look dull. Any idea why?

Oxidation is caused by age and extreme exposure to UV rays. Regular washing and waxing is a great way to protect your shine.

Do I stay in my vehicle through the car wash?

No, you exit at our vacuums and can lounge in our comfortable lobby while we do the work. Please notify us for any accommodations necessary for disabilities.

What do I do if I have a license to carry and my weapon is in the vehicle.

Please secure your weapon according to the law. Contact our management for accommodations.

Can you wash vehicles equipped with breathalyzers?

Yes. It’s your responsibility to stay in close proximity of your vehicle and to make us aware of this equipment. We can’t take responsibility for any penalties related to equipment malfunctions, mandated breath requirements or calibration.

Do you empty and throw out trash from seat pockets and doors holders?

No, unfortunately we don’t know what’s trash and what’s not trash. We will however be happy to throw anything away on your behalf that you identify and set on the floor board for us.

My seat molding is cracked

Seat molding cracks most commonly on the driver side are a very common known problem on many vehicles. These cracks are due to wear and tear from the weight of the passenger climbing in an out of the vehicle thousands of times. There is nothing related to our services that will cause such damage and therefore do not take responsibility when discovered.

Do you perform engine cleans?

Yes, on a limited basis by request only but must be accompanied by an executed liability release. Introducing water under the hood rarely creates issues however, we can’t control where the water goes and will not assume responsibility for complications arising out of the service.

Some car wash companies do not warrant anything based on the age of the car. Do you have the same policy?

Yes, If your vehicle is 7 model years old or older we do not assume responsibility for body issues and moldings, lights or electronic malfunctions inside or out that may occur during or after our wash process.

Why do you charge for excessive mud?

Charging for mud is not a profit center. We offer a mud charge as an alternative to not washing vehicles with excessive mud. Our car wash tunnel is designed for the average vehicle or truck with average road or highway dirt. Vehicles with excessive fender dirt from recreational off roading, farming and hunting cannot enter the tunnel prior to manual dirt and clay removal. Our policy is intended to mitigate the mess tracked throughout the tunnel as well as preventing mud transfer to rags and equipment cloth.

Car Seats & Infant Carriers

For liability purposes we do not remove or reinstall car seats or infant carriers. Please remove them yourself and we’ll be happy to clean the area otherwise we’ll do our best to clean around them in place.

Aftermarket Rigid Plastic Floor Mats

For employee, customer and vehicle safety we do not remove the driver side large rigid plastic mat. If not reinstalled correctly, these mats have been known for inadvertently covering both the accelerator and brake pedal which can cause a sudden acceleration incident. We will be happy to remove the mat upon request and will either place the mat in the trunk or request that the customer participate in reinstallation to ensure the safety of the vehicle.