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Your car only works as well as its weakest part. At Mustang Elite Car Wash & Lube Center, we understand this, which is why we offer comprehensive maintenance services for every vehicle that passes through our shop.

Your wiper blades keep your car roadworthy. If they malfunction and it's raining, you lose vision. You're at risk of accidents. It's time to get that seen!

When Was the Last Time Your Wiper Blades Were Changed?

If you can't remember the answer, it's time to book a replacement. You should have your blades replaced every 12 months, maximum. Cold, wet weather means your windshield wipers have to work overtime. They're always busy, and like any mechanical part, they degrade with heavy use.

Meanwhile, if you live where the sun is always shining, there's a different problem: rubber perishes in sunlight. The sun and heat degrade the rubber, meaning that it's no longer performing at 100%. And you need your windshield blades performing at 100%.

Whether you use rubber or silicone, no wiper blade is invulnerable. Regular replacements keep you safe. That's no problem when you stop into our shop. We'll inspect your blades, find out if it's time for a replacement, and install new ones where appropriate at an affordable cost.

How Do I Know If My Wiper Blades Need Changing?

It's not all about waiting for the seasons to pass. There are several tell-tale signs that your wiper blades need changing. These include:

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    Undue squeaking.

    In heavy rain, almost all wipers make some noise. However, you shouldn't have to put up with a constant squeaking noise. In fact, this may be a sign that your wipers aren't performing properly. It's time for a tune-up

  • Wiper Blade Replacement Grapevine TX

    Labored motion.

    If it seems like the blades are dragging themselves reluctantly across your windshield, there may be a problem with the operating mechanism. They may also be pressed too firmly against the windshield, indicating that they're bent or poorly installed.

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    Halting while wiping.

    If the blades stumble to frequent stops, they're almost certainly bent. Bent wipers are dangerous because there's no guarantee they'll keep working when you need them most.

  • Wiper Blade Replacement Grapevine TX

    Screen doesn't clear.

    If the motion appears to be fine, but the windshield doesn't clear easily, something's not right. This is likely because the rubber has perished. Alternatively, the blades could be bent outward from the screen, so they're not making contact.

  • Wiper Blade Replacement Grapevine TX


    Rattling is generally a bad sign when it comes from any part of your car. Your windshield wipers are no exception. If they make a rattling noise when in use, it's time to contact a professional.

Wiper Blade Replacement Grapevine TX
Wiper Blade Replacement Grapevine TX

Benefits of New Wiper Blades

Installing new wiper blades doesn't just mean you're getting great clean-up action on your windshield. It's a responsibility – to other drivers, to your passengers, and to yourself. Here's why it matters.

Reduced risk of accidents. First and most importantly, you can't drive safely in poor weather without functional windshield wipers.

Less lost time. Better visibility means you can reach your destination faster because you can drive more confidently.

No irritating noises! Road rage comes from many dark corners, and it's best to avoid all of them. Hours of listening to squeaking, screeching blades is enough to get anyone down.

Frequently Asked Questions

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It's a good idea to get your wiper blades changed every 6-12 months for optimal performance.

Can – but probably shouldn't. An annual inspection is recommended.

When you stop by our shop, we'll inspect your wiper blades for free. If they need replacing, we can do that at an affordable price – we'll treat the problem right there, meaning you're never unsafe on the road.

Silicone offers better weather resistance than rubber, although natural rubber is more durable.